Hi, I'm Welf — I'm obsessed with improving human attention through better human-computer interaction. I've previously... - co-founded [Potential](https://potential.app), an app for intentional behavior change - worked on product and brand design for [Daylight](https://daylightcomputer.com), building a next-gen paper tablet with a distraction-free OS for deep work and reading - [done other things →](About%20Welf.md) I believe helping humanity move from attention deficit to attention mastery is the most fascinating frontier in HCI and one of the most meaningful ways of improving the human condition. I'm currently bringing Potential back to life. [it's over / we're so back: Potential 2024](https://welf.substack.com/p/its-over-were-so-back-potential-2024) You can reach me at w[at]welf.co Best, Welf ![[see the computer problem from all angles.jpeg]] --- **[[About these notes]]** 1) the problems: [[Attention Crisis|Attention Crisis]], [[Persuasive Technology|persuasive tech]], [[limbic capitalism]], 2) the principles driving the problems: human vulnerabilities, [[The Acceleration of Addictiveness]], [[Market Misalignment]] 3) the human experience of the problems: [[Attention Deficit Disorder]], [[Digital addiction]], 5) the human potential of cultivating high-quality attention: [[What is Attention?]], [[Cultivating High-Quality Attention]], [[Finding Focus]] 6) the principles for better HCI: [[Relational Alignment]], [[Augmented Intentionality]], [[The Future of Better Computing]] --- **[[Publications]]** - [[Attention and Apple (2022)|Attention and Apple]] - [[Attention Settings (2022)]] - [[iOS 15 Humane]] - [[Digital Addiction is an Accessibility Issue]]